About the Book

Surrendering to God

Poetry to Encourage a Closer Walk with Christ


To the world, surrender is not the way for something to end. It’s like you’re giving up, losing a battle, allowing another to win.

It means you don’t get your way or maybe lose control. Most of time we want to be in charge, to say the yes or no.

But many times, as Christians, we are asked to do what the world sees as strange, And surrender is an example where Christianity cuts against the grain.

For to truly be the Christian that Jesus wants us to be, We must bow our knees, give all to Him, and surrender our destiny

To the One who holds the past, the present, and the future in His hand. For He is the only One who can lead us to the promised land,

And surrender to Him is only the end of things better left behind, Like sin, selfishness, living only for yourself, and the carnal mind.

But also surrender to Christ is the start of things that are so very sweet, Like true joy, comfort, satisfaction, and—oh what wonderful—peace!

And in the end, we will get to spend forever in Heaven with our Lord, So go against the tide. Let your desires die, and surrender to the One you were made for.